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Everything You Need to Heal From Head to Toe


Foot Zoning

By applying precise pressure to a "zone" on the foot, we send a message to the imbalanced area and stimulate your body to heal itself.

Foot Zoning benefits include:

- relieving stress and anxiety

- helping recover from injury

- detoxing the body

- releasing trapped emotions

- reducing pain and inflammation

- relieving depression

- increasing energy

- clearing digestive issues

- getting better sleep

- gaining mental clarity

- And more...

Microcurrent Therapy

Microcurrent Therapy  is an innovative healing system that uses painless, low electric currents -- with similar frequency to the injured body part -- to aid the body in healing damaged tissues. 

Since every part of our body is electrical, the therapy can be administered virtually anywhere in the body and proves to be painless and injection-free.

Microcurrent speaks the body's language, using the same energetic waves as your heartbeat.

By using your body's language, it makes the body listen and respond which in turn decreases pain, inflammation, and scar tissue and aids your body in regeneration. 

The result is faster healing times and REAL long-lasting pain solutions. 


The BioScanMSA is a non-invasive, FDA cleared medical device that can assess your body and the state of your health. It's like taking an EKG of every organ and every system in the body. It can find the root cause of your illness/symptoms quickly and efficiently, as well as body sensitivities (food, allergens, etc), using galvanic skin response and meridian/acupuncture points.

During a session, you will quickly and clearly see results broken into categories of healthy, stressed/weak, and unhealthy giving you the opportunity to address the most important areas first.

A detailed, computerized report is given to you after each session along with a customized program to meet your individual needs, as well as, trackable and shareable results for each visit.

Bring your life back to a healthy balance. Get to the source of your issues NOW! 

Bioresonance Body

Wellness Retreat 

In a wellness weekend, you will learn how to create and grow healthy friendships, determine what you want and need out of friendships, learn how to repair current friendships, understand the natural flow of friendships and why some from your past may not have thrived, learn how to determine "toxic" relationships from healthy ones, and to determine which friendships may no longer be serving you. Learn to put "you" first and make beautiful friendships along the way. 

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Platinum Energy Systems
Ionic Foot Spa

Not only are our feet a hub for all of the nerves that run through our bodies giving direct access to our organs, but the largest pores in our body are located on the bottoms of our feet. You can change what happens inside your body – your health depends on you. By living a lifestyle that nurtures your vitality, creates a clean, internal environment and reduces your exposure to toxins, you will experience a greater degree of wellness now and in the future. Come feel the miracle of PES Detox foot spa!

Infrared Sauna

Give your body a boost in health! Infrared sauna treatments may help you detox, burn calories, improve your heart, and create a stronger immune system. Book a treatment today!


Tiffany L,. Citrus Heights, CA

I have loved my Microcurrent therapy experiences!
I had an injury when I was 7 that left an angry back and a permanently injured muscle. Every few years I try something new and usually give up after 2 months of crying in pain every night. Microcurrent therapy is the first treatment that has soothed my muscles instead of flair them up. I see improvements after 2 treatments! I highly recommend Microcurrent therapy and Stacey.

Holistic Healing is practiced by myself, and numerous other practitioners around the world. The information and techniques used and taught in my practice do not constitute medical advice.

Healing and medicine are two very different disciplines. You should always remember to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor or practitioner in the case of serious illness.

While all suggested treatments are offered in good faith, Mind, Body, and Sole Wellness cannot accept responsibility for any illness arising out of the failure by the reader/individual to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor or medical practitioner.

Holistic Practice Disclaimer

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