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Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Hello there, I am Danielle, mom to a four year old boy who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two years old.

When I received the official diagnosis for my son, I jumped at every single service that I could possibly grab for him. Speech therapy, 40 hours of ABA, special education through our school district, you name it. In addition, I started slowly cleaning up not only his diet but our diet as a household but still I wanted to search for more. More outside of Kaiser, and more of a holistic approach. I typed into google, "holistic healing for autism in California", and up came hundreds of resources that I began looking into. I called providers and businesses in Wyoming, Tennessee and in parts of the world I hadn't even known. Alongside these providers, I found Stacey listed and I was so excited because she is not so far from me. So I called her right away looking for help or answers or all of it. She explained foot zoning in detail and was so helpful right off the bat. Immediately I knew my at the time, 3 year old would not sit still for foot zoning but Stacey continued to pour several resources out to me in our phone call. A few whom I called and they were also so helpful. But there is something so different about Stacey than any provider or doctor I have ever felt in my heart. To this day, we have yet to meet or make any sort of appointment or transaction, and Stacey continues to pour resources out to me to help my son. The reason I am sharing this, is because there are people who truly care in this holistic healing field and Stacey is that person. She is not about taking your money and pressuring you to see her. She genuinely and whole heartedly wants to help. I never imagined hearing again from Stacey once I told her I did not think my son would sit for foot zoning but I was so wrong. Stacey, you are a light and your heart is so pure. People like you make this world go around. You have no idea what you have done for me and my family and we have never met. I could cry at how thankful I am to have met a beautiful person like yourself. I do hope to meet you one day soon. Until then, you will touch so many lives like you have ours!

Danielle L., Sacramento CA

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