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Friendship Retreats 
for Women 35+

Are you ready to place friendships as a top priority in your life? Do you feel like it's harder to make friendships these days and long for a "tribe" of close-knit girlfriends you can feel connected to, seen, and heard? What about your current friendships? Do you find yourself growing apart from your current friends and wish to repair what you have OR Do you need help identifying whether to move in a different direction? What if your friendships (old or new) could (re)start from a healthy foundation?

In a weekend, you will learn how to create and grow healthy friendships, learn how to repair current friendships, understand the natural flow of friendships and why some from your past may not have thrived, learn how to determine "toxic" relationships from healthy ones, and to determine which friendships may no longer be serving you.
Healthy friendships are essential to life! The more technology advances, the lonelier our society becomes. Loneliness is a huge factor on our health. Research show that prolonged loneliness is equivalent to smoking 5 cigarettes a day or being a lifelong alcoholic. It is terribly hazardous to our health. I don't know about you, but for me...that's simply not acceptable. Busyness is no longer an excuse to keep me from connecting to others in this world. We are meant for something bigger than sitting behind our computers or phones for "connection".

**Retreats are based off of teachings from the book Friendships Don't Just Happen by Shasta Nelson.

Stacey Goetz is an RN, Certified Foot Zone Practitioner, and a Certified Professional Coach. It has been her passion to support and uplift women in being the most amazing version of themselves they dream to be. Connecting like-minded women and curing the world of loneliness is another deep passion she enjoys. She has spent the past 6yrs coaching women and helping them make lifelong connections and friendships throughout the Sacramento area.

To receive more info about Friendship Fire Retreats contact Stacey at (530) 282-8128.

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