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What is
Foot Zoning?


If you're experiencing any tension, pain or anxiety in your body, Foot Zoning is a wonderful therapy to relieve and reduce those ailments in a safe, non-invasive natural way.


Your feet have nerve signals that connects to your physical organs, mental and emotional body.




By applying precise pressure to a "zone" on the foot, we send a message to the imbalanced area and stimulate your body to heal itself.


Foot Zoning benefits include:

- relieves stress and anxiety

- helps recover from injury

- detoxes the body

- helps rid body waste

- releases trapped emotions

- reduces pain and inflammation

- lightens up depression


- increases energy

- improves brain function and coordination

- clear digestive issues

- sleep better

- bringing the body into balance

- gain mental clarity

- And more...


Foot Zoning was practiced for thousands of years. But in 1950, Dr. Charles Ersdal, M.D., M.A., was cured from paralysis using Foot Zoning therapy. 


This inspired him to spend 26 years of intense research studying the body's natural healing intelligence to heal, balance and renew cells in the body. 


Thanks to Dr. Charles Ersdal, we now have a systematic way to analyze the signals in the feet that contain imbalances and stimulate the necessary "zones" for the body to heal itself.


All the stress, anxiety, trauma, depression or digestive issues, chronic pain, viruses, and inflammation are mapped out on the soles of your foot for us to balance.


Imagine being able to walk free from pain and discomfort so you can step into a more energetic and balanced life.


If you would like to experience a foot zoning session, book a session below.




"At first I was a little skeptical. My girlfriend signed me up after she had a few sessions and noticed that she had some big changes. She said her acne cleared up after months of trying to get rid of it and her moods were more stable during her hormone shifts. When I finally had the session, I was shocked at the things Stacey was able to tell me about my body just by looking at my feet. She was incredibly accurate, even down to emotional struggles I was having. Even better, the benefits I received afterwards were awesome. I am more energetic, more motivated, able to process things out emotionally, and as a bonus...resolved my bound up colon. I get these done at least every week now. I highly recommend it!"

/// Nick T., Citrus Heights, CA


"Since seeing Stacey, a lot of my aches and pains have diminished. I wake up feeling refreshed and energized now, where as before, I'd wake up feeling sluggish and in a "funk". I can't rave enough about all the mental and physical changes I've noticed since seeing Stacey. I highly recommend her!"

/// Annmarie B., Sacramento, CA

**Holistic Practice Disclaimer**

Holistic Healing is practiced by myself, and numerous other practitioners around the world. The information and techniques used and taught in my practice do not constitute medical advice.

Healing and medicine are two very different disciplines. You should always remember to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor or practitioner in the case of serious illness.

While all suggested treatments are offered in good faith, Mind, Body, and Sole Wellness cannot accept responsibility for any illness arising out of the failure by the reader/individual to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor or medical practitioner.

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